How to Find Free Activities Near Me

Free Activities Near Me

I’ve found it can be kind of a fun game to try to come up with low cost forms of entertainment and free activities near me. My family and I try to find “free fun” to have as often as possible. We are fortunate to live in a town with a lot of very nice parks, for example, and just being outside on a nice day can be a fun adventure.

Visit Your Local Library

Have you ever rented a DVD from your local library? For us, it would be hard to get young children to the theatre anyway, but just think how much more money you’d have to invest spending 50 cents on a bag of popcorn in the comfort of your own home with a rented DVD rather than $50 dollars on a trip to the movies.

Find a Hobby That Generates Income

Another way you might be able to cut costs, or even to make money through entertainment, is to find a hobby that generates some income. For example, maybe you enjoy traveling and also happen to be a decent photographer. Why not try to monetize some of those beautiful pictures you’ve been taking?

Maybe you like fairs and festivals like my family does. It’s usually free to walk around. What if you could also find something to sell there or if you could work part of the day for someone there to make a few dollars?

If you’re good at graphic design, you could use sites like Canva and Adobe Spark to make images and logos. Then, you could market them on a freelancing site like Fiverr.

Work at Professional Sports Stadium or Concert Arena

If you happen to enjoy something like professional sports, there are almost always jobs to be had at those sorts of venues. If you happened to like baseball enough to go to the ballpark several times a year, maybe you could work for 5 games and make enough money to pay for a decent seat for 5 more.

I once went to a dirt track to watch some motocross races. I got there a little early and found out they were short on workers that day. Instead of me paying admission, they paid me $20 to drop the flags and serve as a spotter for the races.

What happened there doesn’t happen every day. But I found myself getting paid to do something I would have paid to do. If you happen to have some side hustle skills that would allow you to defray some of the costs of the things you enjoy, why not put them to good use every now and then?

Free Activities Can Help You Financially

I wouldn’t discourage you from spending some time and money on entertainment. However, you shouldn’t be willing to go into credit card debt to pursue entertainment.

For me, financial freedom includes being able to do some of the sorts of things I enjoy some of the time. For example, finding affordable gym memberships near me is worth it.

There is an opportunity cost, though, and I would encourage you to consider that when determining how much of your hard earned money goes towards entertainment rather than being invested.

Do you think you spend too much money on entertainment? Why or why not? What are some ways you’ve found to enjoy the things you find to be entertaining without spending much money, or even without spending any at all?